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Why Can’t I Last Longer In Bed?

I get this question a lot from readers which tells me it’s a major problem in bedrooms across the world. While many people (especially those selling drugs, sprays, and other “medical” treatments) like to treat premature ejaculation as a medical disorder in actual fact it is rarely so.

For most guys struggling to last in bed and satisfy their partner, the real cause is simply a lack of skill and bodily understanding. This may sound strange until you realize the huge number of ways you can last longer in bed through natural premature ejaculation exercises, techniques, and training.

Premature ejaculation expert Mitch Hawkins explains this very well here when he looks at common misconceptions about lasting longer in bed and premature ejaculation.

It isn’t typically spoken about by anyone, however, premature ejaculation is turning out to be increasingly common for young couples. However even with it being so common, very little is known by the majority of men (not to mention a good number of so-called specialists) as to what truly triggers so many adult men to have an absence of lovemaking control.

Whilst there are quite a few arguments as to the reason premature ejaculation may develop, there’s a great chance it will be due to a number of these subsequent factors. Now, remember, don’t worry if you should recognize a few of these causes within yourself because each and every one of them is often solved without problems.

Bodily knowledge

A lot of males, as well as certain experts, dismiss this contributing factor, but as far as I’m concerned this is among the most important factors without a doubt. Actually, almost all men have got completely no clue in relation to the huge amount of techniques about to influence the tendencies of the ejaculatory system during intercourse.

Very much like pretty much all areas of life, making love is one thing you can expect to become more effective at after you experience it and discover more about it. Compared with the times before the world wide web, there’s now numerous useful information along with fast ejaculation treatment ebooks which tend to be excellent at helping anyone understand simple methods to build lasting power during intimacies.

The way we have evolved

Most of us just believe it’s normal for all males to be marathon men during sex, though this just isn’t the truth and that’s because of human evolution. Traditionally it was certainly better to sow your seeds more swiftly and it seems that with regard to many modern males, you are still operating pretty much the same. All things considered, in the past, the essential objective of intercourse had been chiefly to allow humans to survive, and not just to impress your partner by supplying earth-shaking orgasms.

Negative thoughts

Mental elements, often combined with several of the additional more physical causes may also produce fast ejaculations in the case of a number of individuals. When adverse thinking and beliefs find their way into a man’s thoughts during sex you might begin to excessively focus on your performance.

But this may be the most damaging thing to do because it could be responsible for greater levels of bodily stress. This stress will then customarily progress to your lower abdominal region from where it will quickly contribute to the process of ejaculation.

Masturbatory stimulation

While many males are in adolescence and find out about masturbatory stimulation, a number of teens develop less-than-ideal routines when they aim to ejaculate as rapidly as they are able.

Typically what this will do is ultimately alter the entire ejaculatory process and automatically transform your body to have next to no control.

Then, once you’re ready to be sexual with a lover, your sexual response system will continue reacting promptly to pleasure just the way it has been conditioned, leading to little endurance in the sack.

But masturbation isn’t all bad. In fact, when done correctly it can be one of the key methods of preventing PE when used as part of a systematic training program.

Learning to last longer

At this time you have got a reliable list of the major factors for PE. It is useful to spend some time taking into account those that might be showing up in your case. Even though premature ejaculation issues in many cases are daunting, it is necessary to recognize that quite a few men are able to overcome them using an effective self-help blueprint, most notably a program which can be acquired on the net. Basically being unable to last in bed is really only a drawback should you don’t do anything to fix it.

See our best premature ejaculation ebook review to learn about more advanced methods of lasting longer in bed.

Research and Further reading

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So What Is Premature Ejaculation Anyway?

We haven’t ever anticipated as much to be provided by our lovemaking, as we do in these modern times.

Accordingly, this has brought about a rise in the number of males perceived as being afflicted with a lack of sexual control.

While you won’t come across a commonly accepted description of premature ejaculation, one frequently used description is as a situation whereby the male spouse comes before the point either he or his spouse hopes.

While younger guys are generally additionally sensitive to a lack of control, this issue is known to appear in guys at any age.

Early Ejaculation: How Prevalent Is It?

Males who are suffering from pe, often feel they’ve got a substantial ailment, yet early ejaculation is actually quite frequent. So essentially, premature ejaculation can be described as a significant concern, along with a fairly widespread reason behind romantic stress along with divorce.

In spite of the sizeable range of males subject to never being able to make sure you last for longer while having sex, the issue often will not be given the attention that it deserves, as a consequence of its embarrassing nature.

A Lot Of Men Don’t Last Very Long During Intercourse

Owing to the personal aspects around making love, remarkably few detailed analyses which look into the timing of sexual activity in society are available With said, a small number of research projects to establish the most common period of having sex have indeed been executed, yet the conclusions might be what you possibly would not expect.

As an example, current research which interviewed specialists in the field deduced your mean lovemaking latency to be somewhere between 3 and 8 minutes.

Why Can’t So Many Last In Bed?

Despite the fact that all guys are varied in each body and mind, if you encounter rapid ejaculation it’s likely it’s stemming from no less than one of the discussed causes. Try to identify those that are relevant to you.

Some typical causes pertaining to rapid ejaculation can be romance troubles, psychological fear, and anxiety, too much genital stimulation in particular during your teens, a shortage of lovemaking awareness, or your genetics

Extra feasible triggers (while especially rare) include side effects from certain drugs, nerve problems after having an operation, or increased testosterone shifts.

Now you have a good outline of the predominant factors for a lack of sexual control. You’ll find it’s helpful to use a little while to make a mental note of the ones that seem to be pertinent in your case.

A lot of males with premature climaxing assume that they are pretty much stuck with it, however, this isn’t the case. Premature ejaculation really is quite treatable using the right approach.

Treatment Options For Early Ejaculation

There are many different proposed ways to address premature ejaculation. Beneath are the most commonly encountered.

It is not necessary to allow this issue to continue to hold back your time with your partner, because as soon as you commit to make a change and take action, It’s likely that a good approach is going to greatly increase your control during intercourse.

Ejaculation problems exercise guideline

During the past 10 years, a number of really good premature ejaculation workout guides were launched, which have been successful. The finest of all these systems, for instance -ProgramName- contains a range of techniques that males can learn and develop.

The best PE books should not just deal with one particular element. They ought to teach both the emotive and the natural options, using an easy-to-follow way.

In case you can’t afford to learn from a very good early ejaculation specialist directly, then a rapid ejaculation program produced by a respected expert such as the Ultimate Lasting system can be a close second.

If you are a man who is earnest about understanding methods to increase control in bed and are willing to devote a little effort going through the training course, you will no doubt see some decent results out of this treatment method.


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Best Premature Ejaculation eBook Goes To Ejaculation Freedom By Dan Becket

When many men realize they are affected by premature ejaculation many of them will first look to stop it by searching online for pills, desensitizing sprays, or even prescription drugs.

If you search online for “premature ejaculation treatments” you will no doubt be hit with a barrage of promotional material for these products.

After all, there’s a lot of money to be made from selling desperate men what the hope is a magic solution to their inability to last in bed.

What The Experts Have Known

But what you may not realize is that by far the most effective and the only permanent way to prevent premature ejaculation is through physical training and therapy.

Sex counselors have known this for some time and now there are coaches who actually specialize in teaching men behavioral techniques that are remarkably effective at stopping premature ejaculation for good.

The problem is that these coaches are few and far between and your chances of finding a good one in your area are minuscule. Not to mention the reluctance many guys have with talking to anyone about their “little secret”.

What’s The Best premature Ejaculation eBook or Book?

So what about a premature ejaculation eBook? Are there any good ones? And can they be as effective as a personal ejaculation control coach?

Up until now the answer to this question was a resounding “No”. But with the release of Ejaculation Freedom by prominent premature ejaculation coach Dan Becket that has all changed. I

‘ll review the Ejaculation Freedom program which you can download as a PDF shortly, but first I’d like to take a brief look at why premature ejaculation eBooks in the past have failed to deliver.

>>Click here to skip straight to our Ejaculation Freedom review<<

Premature Ejaculation eBooks sold through ClickBank

While is no shortage of books and ebooks for sale that focus on premature ejaculation yet most of them are highly flawed. Many are written by marketers with no experience or expertise in premature ejaculation prevention. These books are often promoted through the ClickBank affiliate network and often written by the same authors who write “penis enlargement” books. In fact, their guides are mostly just a quick re-write.

Fake reviews

A typical Click Bank promotion to online marketers

ClickBank is really just a giant affiliate network. How it works is that online marketers send people to a promotional page (through a special link) for an ebook and if a purchase is made the online marketer receives a percentage of the purchase price. This is often 50% or more which is why you see so many fake reviews for premature ejaculation ebooks sold through Clickbank.

Lot’s of “upsells”

It’s pretty obvious which books fall into this category as they will look very commercial and will usually try to “upsell” constantly.  The payment is also made through ClickBank. If you see a premature ejaculation ebook such as this my advice is to run a mile.

Tantric Premature Ejaculation Books

Learning tantric principles can be great to improve your sex life and there are some great books on this topic that I thoroughly recommend checking out. The problem occurs when they claim to “cure” premature ejaculation.

Understanding and harnessing your “sexual energy” is one component of controlling premature ejaculation but it is only one part and will not lead to a dramatic increase in ejaculatory control on its own.

You will need to do some physical training which these tantric-based premature ejaculation ebooks do not cover.

The Book Of One Man’s Story

There’s also the book about one man’s story of curing premature ejaculation.

The author will tell you about how he used to have premature ejaculation and how he tried all these things to fix it and then finally found a solution.

And now he’s showing you too.

While these kinds of premature ejaculation books are often sold through ClickBank (see above) they also have another major flaw. What works for one man will not necessarily work for the next.

There’s a large number of skill-sets required to reach a level of full ejaculation control and different guys will find different areas more challenging than others.

Unless you work on everything together there’s a good chance that you will fail.

This is a big reason why we have chosen Dan Becket’s Ejaculation Freedom as the best premature ejaculation ebook, and we will look at why it’s the clear standout next.

Ejaculation Freedom Book review

Ejaculation Freedom Dan Becket PDF

Dan Becket has been well known among sexual health councilors and ejaculation control coaches and has pioneered many of the methods that professionals now use.

Now with the release of his Ejaculation Freedom premature ejaculation ebook and training program real help is available to any guy with an internet connection.

With around 30 percent of all men unable to last in bed for as long as they want this program promises to revolutionize how men treat premature ejaculation.

Program Modules:

The program is extensive and is based on 7 core modules that users will work their way through. These modules include the following components

  • Breathing, visualization and Meditative techniques
  • Sexual positions
  • Mental control and confidence
  • Reading you body
  • Instant cool down methods
  • Ejaculatory training
  • Getting in the Zone (advanced sexual state)

While the training module is the largest we think that guys will benefit from all of them. We talked about the problem with books written about “what worked for one man” and you can see how this program covers such a broad range of skills that practically all men will be covered.

At his site, Dan explains in a lot of detail exactly how these skills will help you improve your ejaculatory control during intercourse and it’s well worth a read.

Should You Get It?

The simple answer is that if you suffer from premature ejaculation or want to last longer in bed stop what you are doing right now. Go and get this program and start right now.

This is the first time anything like this has been available to normal guys and if you don’t take advantage of it you only have yourself to blame for a lifetime of premature ejaculation.

Where To Find It

Download the Ejaculation Freedom as a PDF from Dan’s official Ejaculation Freedom site.  It’s only $189 for the entire program and is worth every cent.



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